Personalized Consulting

AMGA Consulting is your long-term partner on key business issues. We give you unprecedented access to market data and best practices derived from America’s leading health systems, medical groups and more than 170,000 physicians nationwide. Through our approach, we will assess your needs and provide recommendations based on industry experience and best practice to support data-driven decision-making. Our experience resources primarily target the following critical areas:

Physician and Provider Compensation Services

We provide a full complement of compensation plan services from assessment of the current plan, to development of compensation philosophy, through compensation plan redesign and alignment. We also provide Fair Market Value (FMV) expertise, advising clients for both one-time valuations and ongoing compensation plan review.

Practice Optimization

Through our gap analysis approach and leveraging the expanded AMGA Medical Group Operations and Finance survey data, our team provides operational assessments of your medical group operations and cost structure. The comprehensive evaluation identifies potential opportunities in a variety of areas including, expense management, provider production, patient access and accountability, and then partners with you to design and implement the improvement plan.

Strategy and Organizational Development

Services include support of strategy and organizational planning, including: service-line development, change management, retreat facilitation, and high-performing health system assessment.

Revenue Cycle Performance

For revenue cycle performance, we focus on performance improvement through observation and data analysis. We provide assessments of current operations and provide detailed plans to optimize your revenue cycle and business office functions.

Benchmarking and Satisfaction Survey Programs

AMGA Consulting publishes multiple medical group market surveys annually. Survey topics include Physician Compensation and Productivity, Medical Group Operations and Finance, and workforce benchmarks in both the Recruitment and Retention survey and the Provider Benefits survey. In addition, we produce two surveys to support measurement and improvement of medical group physician and staff engagement with our Provider Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction surveys.

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