Provider and Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking Program

Create a Culture of High Performance

Delivering high-performance health to your patients depends on the engagement, commitment, and allegiance of your physicians, other clinicians, and staff.  Engaged and empowered providers and staff are critical to succeeding in today’s competitive environment.

The AMGA Provider and Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking Program gives you access to national, valid, peer-based benchmarks of satisfaction among your care providers and employees. These survey tools are designed for medical groups and contain dimensions of satisfaction highly relevant to your group. The benchmarks will help you identify issues important to your physicians and staff.

Our programs give you tools and support unparalleled in the industry:

  • Comparable benchmarks. National data compares you with other medical groups and healthcare organizations.
  • Granular data. Robust reporting with breakouts of data helps you determine where to improve.
  • Actionable data. A targeting improvement map and a priority matrix show what to improve.
  • Timely reporting. You have your results within three weeks of survey close.
You need this data to empower your people to succeed. Start creating a culture of high performance today with AMGA's satisfaction benchmarking programs.