AMGA Analytics

AMGA offers robust resources for data analysis and clinical translation. We assist members in improving population health, using comparative benchmarking to discover opportunities and predictive analytics to identify high-risk patients. We drive discovery and sharing of best practices, and we help members translate them into practice.

Data Support 

We create measure specifications and collect benchmarking data from members for AMGA Foundation initiatives: Best Practices Learning Collaboratives and the Chronic Care Challenge national campaigns, Measure Up/Pressure Down (hypertension) and Together 2 Goal (type 2 diabetes). We also provide data management and analysis for other AMGA initiatives, including theBest Practices Learning Collaboratives Provider Risk Readiness Survey.

Research and Translation

Together with AMGA members and other health services researchers, we study ways to improve population health at lower overall cost, enhance the healthcare experience for patients, and increase provider and staff satisfaction. With access to unique longitudinal clinical data and the ability to work directly with the AMGA member organizations, complemented by our expertise in qualitative methods, AMGA Analytics is uniquely positioned for the dissemination and implementation of key research findings, with rigorous evaluation.

Quality Measurement

Together with OptumLabs, AMGA Analytics is supporting the National Quality Forum’s new “measure incubator.” We are working with NQF to make it easier and more efficient to develop more meaningful measures for external accountability, as well as robust measures that can be used internally to manage care and cost.