Benchmarking Surveys

AMGA publishes multiple medical group market surveys annually. Survey topics include physician compensation and productivity, operations and finance, and workforce benchmarks in both the recruitment and retention and provider benefits. In addition, we provide survey programs to support measurement and improvement of medical group physician and staff engagement with our Provider Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction surveys.

Compensation and Productivity Survey features the latest data on compensation and productivity for physicians and other healthcare professionals, along with analysis of compensation and productivity trends. Data provides national medians and is broken down to the specialty level, including by region and size. Beginning in 2019, Executive and Leadership compensation data is included in this report. To purchase the most recent survey, please click here.

Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey features an expansive list of operations and financial performance benchmarks at multiple levels of details.  This includes benchmarks for independent practice groups and integrated systems and are broken down by specialty type and specialty.  The data includes clinic and support department staffing, access indicators, revenue cycle metrics, and financial line item details. 

Medical Group Telehealth Survey captures the latest market data on telehealth programs, including volume and access, staffing and scheduling practices, cost and reimbursement, and more, in response to widespread adoption of telehealth during the pandemic.

Provider Benefits Survey (bi-annual) provides a comprehensive look into how the employee benefits of health systems compare with one another across the country.

Recruitment and Retention Survey (bi-annual/coming soon) will provide a variety of detail around physician and medical group staffing recruitment and retention issues, including turnover, hiring challenges, onboarding process and retention strategies.

Risk Survey gauges organizations’ progress in the transformation to value, and details the barriers that are hindering their transition to risk.

Provider Satisfaction Benchmarking Program gives you access to national, valid, peer-based benchmarks of satisfaction among your care providers. This survey tool is designed for medical groups and contains dimensions of satisfaction highly relevant to your group.

Medical Clinic Staffing Survey shares data on the struggles that medical groups are experiencing with clinic staffing amid the great resignation, COVID-19, and employee burn-out.