Provider Compensation & FMV

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Provider Compensation & FMV

When it comes to provider compensation design, there is no such thing as the perfect plan. There is, however, a perfect plan for your organization, one that creates alignment between your providers and the financial goals of the medical group.

As a firm, we believe there is no “off-the-shelf” answer for your unique organization. Our team takes the time to truly understand your culture and uncover the challenges you are facing so that we can deliver a customized compensation strategy that will help your group thrive for years to come. We pay close attention to your unique market conditions—including prevalence of value-based reimbursement, provider culture, and compensation philosophy—to guide our strategic analysis. And unlike many other firms, we engage your providers and other stakeholders every step of the way, as we believe this ultimately ensures a seamless and successful adoption of any plan redesign. 

The end results are clear and actionable recommendations for aligning performance across your organization, enabling you to pay competitively in the market and integrate financial and provider recruitment and retention goals that lead to a resilient medical group.

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Market-Leading Compensation Data

It’s not bragging if it’s a fact: For more than 37 years, AMGA's nationally-recognized Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey has been the gold standard for benchmarking in multispecialty medical groups. Based on data collected from hundreds of medical groups each year, the survey includes compensation and productivity benchmarks for 170+ specialties that can be broken down by region, size of organization, ownership, and more. Executive and leadership compensation data is also included.

Available online and in print.

FMV Analysis from True Medical Group Experts

Our approach to compensation fair market value (FMV) analysis is not dependent on data from any other organization. While it can be augmented with other relevant industry data, at its core our Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey data has more than 183,000 providers, making it one of the largest data sets the industry, and as part of AMGA, our experts are first in line with up-to-date information on regulatory changes that impact medical groups and health systems.

Whether you’re looking for analysis on a handful of providers or a more comprehensive assessment of your entire medical group, our experts will work with you to establish timeframes that meet your needs. Generally, we can provide you with feedback on the reasonableness of an arrangement within four (4) to five (5) business days of receipt of complete information. 

Sound too good to be true? We’re happy to show you.

Our FMV Team offers:

  • Total compensation valuation opinions for individual providers and groups

  • Physician leadership compensation opinions

  • Management/co-management agreement reviews

  • Professional services agreement (PSA) reviews for medical directorships and other independent contractor agreements

  • FMV policy and guideline development support

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Expert Insights

  • Value on the Bayou. Kevin McCune, MD, speaks with Phil Oravetz, MD, MBA, MPH, about how Ochsner Health is working to bring Louisiana out of last place in nationwide health assessments with the Health State Initiative at the crossroads of extensive population health efforts and a transition to value-based care models.

  • An Inside Look at Compensation. Kevin McCune, MD, and Fred Horton, MHA, give vital insight into compensation design in a value-based world.

  • Primary Colors. Fred Horton, MHA, and Mike Coppola, MBA, provide insight into the latest trends in provider compensation and productivity from the AMGA 2023 Medial Group Compensation and Productivity Survey.

  • Rethink Big: Comprehensive Compensation Redesign in a Value-Based World. Fred Horton, MHA, explores how to align fee-for-service and value-based compensation plans with your payor mix and environment.

  • Ten Pitfalls to Avoid in Provider Compensation Plans. Fred Horton, MHA, outlines common mistakes in plan design and tips on properly aligning incentives across your organization.

  • Is This the New Normal? Fred Horton, MHA, Will Holets, MHA MBA, and Elizabeth Siemsen discuss the new trend line revealed in AMGA 2022 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Data

  • Making Sense of the Seismic Shifts in Provider Compensation. Kelsi O'Brien, MHSA, offers guidance on how to effectively determine compensation following the 2021 CMS wRVU schedule changes.

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We have had the privilege to work with a diverse group of organizations across the country on compensation-related projects, ranging from 50 to 500+ providers, including both physicians and advance practice providers (APPs). As the market continues to shift from volume to value, we help ensure your organization is prepared and that you are operating with a compensation plan that is aligned with your unique position and goals and matches your organization and your culture.

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Not only do our provider compensation and FMV experts have significant experience advising medical groups and complex healthcare organizations, they are always willing to answer questions or discuss compensation trends and strategy. If you have a question, or would like to talk to an advisor, email us at

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