Quality Liaisons

AMGA’s quality initiatives and offerings are unique because we translate what works best in improving health and health care into everyday practice, enabling medical groups and health systems to deliver the best care possible.

You have the opportunity to identify someone within your medical group or health system to serve as an AMGA Quality Liaison and maximize your organization’s engagement in AMGA’s quality offerings.

Your organization’s AMGA Quality Liaison will:

  • Be AMGA’s main quality point of contact and the first to know about new quality offerings
  • Disseminate information to relevant staff at your organization to ensure the right opportunities reach the right people
  • Share organization priorities and interests with AMGA for incorporation into our programs
  • Receive annual recognition for serving in this formal role at a national association
  • Dedicate less than 1 hour per month to this role

Our current roster of 160 AMGA Quality Liaisons include quality improvement and population health managers, medical directors, chief quality officers, and other relevant titles.

Make sure your medical group or health system is included! You can either sign up to be your organization’s AMGA Quality Liaison or refer a colleague for this role.