AMGA Family

AMGA is made up of several entities that deliver value to member medical groups.


A nonprofit trade association that improves health care for patients by supporting multispecialty medical groups and other organized systems of care, AMGA is the strategic partner for these organizations, providing a comprehensive package of benefits, including political advocacy, educational and networking programs, publications, benchmarking data services, and financial and operations assistance.

AMGA Foundation

AMGA Foundation brings medical groups and integrated health systems together to tackle the nation’s most pressing public health challenges. Together, we are changing the trajectory of chronic conditions and improving the value of health care for millions of patients.

AMGA Consulting

AMGA Consulting is your long-term partner on key business issues. We give you unprecedented access to market data and best practices derived from America’s leading health systems, medical groups and more than 170,000 physicians nationwide. Through our approach, we will assess your needs and provide recommendations based on industry experience and best practice to support data-driven decision-making.

AMGA Executive Recruitment

With AMGA Executive Recruitment, our experienced consultants will help your medical group build a successful leadership team—recruiting the right talent to fill your financial, operational, and clinical executive leadership positions. As former healthcare executives with decades of industry experience, we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing medical groups across the United States, both in independent practices and in integrated healthcare systems.

AMGA Analytics, LLC

AMGA offers robust resources for data analysis and clinical translation. We assist members seeking to improve population health using comparative benchmarking to discover opportunities for improvement. We use predictive models to identify at-risk and high-risk patients. Analytics in Action uses advanced analytics and implementation science to drive discovery and sharing of best practices and help members translate key research findings into better care, improved patient outcomes, smarter spending and use of limited resources.

AMGA Council of Accountable Physician Practices (AMGA CAPP)

An affiliate of AMGA Foundation, AMGA CAPP is a joint undertaking by some of the nation's largest and most prominent physician practices to foster the evolution and development of the accountable physician group model.