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The Quality Council is a trusted network of professionals focused on improving the quality of care to patients and their families.

What Our Members Say
“The Quality Council meeting at the Annual Conference or IQL are always my favorite part of these meetings.  It is a great opportunity to hear from, and network with, other providers and administrators who are tackling similar projects.   We learn so much from each others’ successes and challenges.  I have brought back to my organization many front line initiatives that have improved quality and lowered cost based on what I learned at these Council meetings over the past 5 years.”
- Scott Hines, Chief Quality Officer, Crystal Run Health

Members of the Council are committed to sharing ideas, strategies and information with colleagues facing similar challenges and to building stronger professional connections with their peers in similar positions and organizations. This is achieved through various mediums including face-to-face meetings, webinars, and a dedicated listserv which is reserved solely for members of the Council. Topics members have focused on include:

  • Population health and chronic care management
  • Physician coaching and other means of improving patient satisfaction
  • Interdisciplinary team care
  • Implementation of Annual Wellness Exams

Council members must be willing to actively work together on activities which can accelerate collective learning, reduce the costs of innovation and discovery, and facilitate the transfer of new knowledge to the larger community of AMGA members.

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