Emerging Leaders

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The Emerging Leaders Council is designed to cultivate new and up-and-coming medical group leaders. This Council will enable members to crowdsource solutions, learn from established executives, and develop a network of peers in medical groups across the country. This Council is open to:

1. Any medical group administrator or provider: under 45 or not in a c-suite/VP position or in a c-suite/VP position for less than 5 years


2. Interested in learning/developing the skills necessary to succeed in a higher position

For questions on eligibility, please contact Joe DeLisle. 

Members have access to:

  • A discussion list to instantly tap into the Council's collective knowledge and experience
  • A resource library of archived policies, procedures, presentations, and more
  • Face-to-face meetings and webinars that put peer learning and discussion front and center

To ensure the Council focuses on members’ needs, they nominate the leadership, select the topics, and often lead the discussions. 

Council members actively work together on activities which can accelerate collective learning, reduce the costs of innovation and discovery, and facilitate the transfer of new knowledge to the larger community of AMGA members.

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