Case for Support

The Campaign for a Healthier America Case for Support captures the essence of our bold new vision. It outlines how we plan to make 100 Million Healthier Americans by 2025 and how you can help us revolutionize healthcare.

Our Challenge: Rallying Against a Costly Crisis

Behind 70% of deaths in the U.S. and $3 trillion in healthcare costs each year is a largely preventable cause: chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. These conditions currently account for:

  • 91% of prescriptions filled
  • 81% of hospital admissions
  • 76% of all physician visits

No organization is better positioned to drive a new vision of health care in America than AMGA Foundation through our:

  • Reach: AMGA’s network of primary and specialty providers—440 medical groups, 175,000 physicians—treat one out of three Americans.
  • Credibility: AMGA member groups are recognized innovators of healthcare excellence, leading the way in quality initiatives, integrated care teams, value-based payment models, the Quadruple Aim, and beyond.
  • Impact: AMGA Foundation programs have delivered proven results in prevention, treatment, and care.

Our Vision: Four unique pathways. 100 million healthier Americans by 2025

  • Advance Best Practices through Chronic Disease Collaboration
  • Develop Community Research and Partnerships
  • Engage Patients and Families
  • Innovate New Care Models and Synergies

Case for Support

Our Plan: $10 Million for 100 Million—and Beyond

Partner with the Campaign for a Healthier America. With additional funding, we will expand our work to even more visionary medical groups and health systems like yours who share our commitment to revolutionize health care and health outcomes in America.

Are you ready to re-imagine health care with us?