Campaign for a Healthier America

100 Million Healthier Americans by 2025

A Challenge, a Vision, a Plan with a Bold Goal

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America’s health is at a crossroads: More than 100 million people live with a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Meanwhile, as care teams work tirelessly for their patients, complex systems and soaring costs hinder widespread progress.

The good news: AMGA Foundation knows the way forward. In just five years, our campaigns have improved high blood pressure detection and control for more than 540,000 Americans and Type 2 diabetes care for more than 1 million. We have the reach to impact even more lives, through a network of 440 medical groups who represent more than 175,000 physicians and deliver care to 1 out of every 3 Americans.

We understand how health care works, and we have a bold vision to make it work even better—for 100 million healthier Americans by 2025. To accomplish this bold goal, we need to:

  • Expand our proven programs to more conditions and patients
  • Engage families, communities, and partners across the healthcare sector in the fight
  • Advance innovation at every step of the way

Now all we need is you.

The Campaign for a Healthier America Case for Support captures the essence of our bold new vision. It outlines how we plan to make 100 Million Healthier Americans by 2025 and how you can help us revolutionize healthcare.

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What Our Members Say
“The sense of urgency driving us forward is knowing what these conditions do to our patients and their families. It’s not only saving cost, it’s saving eyes, limbs, suffering. It’s saving lives.”
– Kevin McCune, M.D.
Former Board Chair, AMGA Foundation