Foundation Initiatives

Together We Advance Health Care.

AMGA Foundation empowers members to improve health and health care. With our partners and members, we improve health for millions of Americans through our signature programs: the Acclaim Award, Best Practices Learning Collaboratives, Quality and Innovation Collectives (QuIC) and our national campaigns, which include  Rize to Immunize™. Our population health initiatives are unique because we share best practices based on quantitative and qualitative data generated by our members. We translate what works best in improving health and health care into everyday practice, enabling groups to deliver the best care possible.

National Campaigns

For decades, AMGA Foundation has supported and disseminated research on better ways to deliver coordinated, evidence-based, patient-centered healthcare. Our national campaigns build on the successes that emerged from our Best Practices Learning Collaboratives and mobilize AMGA members to improve care and patient outcomes. Our third national campaign, Rise to Immunize™, aims to increase routine adult immunizations with the goal of 25 million vaccines administered by 2025.

Acclaim Award

The Acclaim Award honors organizations exhibiting healthcare excellence and equity, and disseminates their best practices.

Best Practices Learning Collaboratives

Tackling chronic illness by creating communities of knowledge, our Collaboratives bring together several member groups to develop solutions for managing specific chronic conditions. We create intimate communities of knowledge where participants meet in-person and virtually to share tools and resources to accelerate systematic change and create breakthroughs in patient care.

Quality and Innovation Collective (QuIC)

Quality and Innovation Collectives prompt high-level discussion and collaboration and create care paths for pressing conditions including colorectal cancer (CRC).

Creating a Healthier America

In just a few years, our population health initiatives and national health campaigns have improved care for more than 40 million patients resulting in reduced blood pressure, improved Type 2 diabetes management and prevention, healthier hearts, increased vaccinations, reduced osteoporosis fractures and new interventions for treating obesity, addressing health disparities and more. This is just the beginning. We have the reach to transform millions more lives through a network of 400 medical groups reaching 1 out of every 3 Americans.

Chronic Care Roundtable

Members of the Chronic Care Roundtable are collaborating with AMGA leaders to shape these national campaigns. Comprised of industry representatives from across the healthcare field, the Roundtable provides key resources and vital input to ensure better health and care for Americans.

Ambassador Workgroup

The Ambassador Workgroup (AWG) is comprised of healthcare leaders from AMGA’s member groups who raise awareness and develop resources to sustain AMGA Foundation’s initiatives to create a healthier America for patients with chronic and preventable conditions.