RIZE Action Month

Rise to Immunize™ (RIZE) Action Month is around the corner! RIZE Action Month is our campaign’s annual observance held in August in conjunction with National Immunization Awareness Month. The observance aims to mobilize campaign participants to take action to advance our goal of 25 million vaccines administered by 2025. This year the observance will support participating AMGA members in making strong vaccine recommendations.
To “take action,” follow the steps below:

  1. Save the Date. Select a date and time to assemble your immunization team for a 30- to 60- minute event (in-person or virtually) during the month of August. Use the Staff Invitation Template to communicate event details and invite your team.

  2. RSVP to RIZE. Let us know that your organization will be taking action.

  3. Review the Participation Guide. Consult this document for tips on planning and implementing a RIZE Action Month event – including identifying a leader, selecting a space or platform (for virtual events), and arranging for food and drink.

  4. Host the Event!

  5. Submit Reimbursement. Send RiseToImmunize@amga.org your Reimbursement Form along with a team photo and receipts by Sept. 30 to receive up to $100 for the meal, snacks, beverages, or gift cards (for virtual events) provided during the event.

RIZE Action Month Materials