Welcome to the Rise to Immunize® (RIZE) campaign!

We look forward to working with your organization―as well as dozens of other AMGA members―to collectively administer 30 million vaccines by 2027 through comprehensive and equitable vaccine initiatives. 

RIZE is all about working together to achieve this goal by sharing ideas, best practices, and a framework for tracking progress. Together, we can improve immunization rates and help reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable illness.

To help you implement best practices and address many of the common challenges associated with administering routine adult immunizations, the RIZE team has produced this Campaign Toolkit, which includes:

  • Getting Started Checklist: This section provides a checklist of simplified steps to help your medical group organize its approach to campaign implementation, particularly if RIZE is one of your first major quality initiatives. The steps are not meant to be prescriptive, but rather to help your group develop a systematic, logical method to improve immunization rates at your organization.
  • Promoting Health Equity in Adult Immunizations: This section looks at immunization efforts in relation to health disparities to help you better understand how to promote health equity in your practice and why such efforts are important.
  • Implementing the Campaign Planks: RIZE offers 15 “campaign planks,” or evidence-based care processes, that can be implemented in an organization’s practice to increase adult vaccination rates. For each campaign plank, you’ll find guidance, actionable steps, and tools developed by some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations to help you implement the care process(es) you’ve selected.

This Toolkit is a living, digital document that will be updated throughout the campaign. We hope you find the Toolkit useful and consider sharing it with your colleagues.

Other campaign resources, including our monthly campaign webinars, data reporting portal, and additional patient and provider resources, are also available at the campaign website.
The RIZE Team

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