Data Reporting Tracks

Participating organizations can choose to report data to the campaign according to either the Basic Track or Core Track. Starting in 2024, groups will have the option to report on one or more of the expansion measures (RSV, COVID-19 and/or hepatitis B) as part of the campaign expansion. Groups have the option to advance from the Basic to Core Track, or to add expansion measure(s), at any point during the campaign.

Influenza (19+)
Pneumococcal (66+)
Td/Tdap (19+)  
Zoster (50+)  
Bundle (66+)  
*RSV (60+) Optional Optional
*COVID-19 (19+) Optional Optional
*Hepatitis B (19-59) Optional Optional
*Expansion measures available for reporting beginning in Measurement Year 4, starting with the Oct. 15, 2024 data submission. 

To support groups in data reporting, we offer:

  • Measurement specifications
  • HEDIS Value Sets - The value sets will be sent to campaign points of contact upon enrollment. Enrolled groups can email if they need the value set to be re-sent.
    • Groups reporting on one or more of the expansion measure(s) will recieve an additional value set via email.

For any data-related questions, please email

Once your organization is ready to submit data, please visit Data Submission.