RIZE Videos

“5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Vaccine Recommendations” Video

The most important thing healthcare professionals (HCPs) can do to improve routine adult immunization rates is to make strong vaccine recommendations to their patients. This video, “5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Vaccine Recommendations” and the accompanying factsheet review the key components of strong recommendations and outline five CDC-recommended strategies that HCPs can use with patients who express vaccine contemplation.
The video was developed in collaboration with the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, a partner of the RIZE campaign.

“Introducing AMGA Foundation's Rise to Immunize Campaign” Video

This video introduces the AMGA Foundation's third National Campaign, Rise to Immunize, which aims to empower AMGA medical groups and health systems to collectively administer 25 million vaccines by 2025. This four-year initiative focuses on increasing rates of four critical immunizations—pneumococcal, influenza, Td/Tdap, and zoster—among the adult population to decrease vaccine-preventable disease and death.