Operations and Finance

Medical groups continue to face constant pressure to provide quality and cost-effective care in an ever-changing healthcare environment. In our expanded operational a0nd financial survey, we gathered data specific to operational and financial aspects of medical groups. Our hope is to provide a clearer and more complete picture of the market and current trends affecting the industry.

2020 Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey

AMGA’s Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey is now accepting data submissions from medical groups and health systems from across the country.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to have access to the most current national financial and operational data that will help you make informed decisions and help lead your organization to success. We urge you to participate in this year’s survey to ensure you optimize the benefits to your organization.

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2019 Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey

The 2019 AMGA Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey now includes information about:

  • Revenue cycle metrics and financial performance
  • Operational support department staffing metrics for 18 different functional areas
  • Provider scheduling, panel size, and access strategy utilization
  • Clinic staffing details for over 35 different specialties
  • Financial profiles by group type, geographic region, group size, and more
  • Adoption of best practice processes and strategies
  • New levels of detail on staffing and expenses by specialty and group type

Data is delineated in a variety of ways, with a focus on the comparison of private practice and integrated health system data. Metrics are reported per physician FTE, per provider FTE, and per 10,000 work RVUs (wRVUs).

The 2019 Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey includes data from 35 medical groups and health systems, representing more than 15,000 providers.

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For sales, please contact Christopher Gibbs, manager, membership and circulation database, at cgibbs@amga.org or 703.838.0033 ext. 362. For technical questions, please contact Elizabeth Siemsen, director, AMGA Consulting, at esiemsen@amgaconsulting.com or 703.838.0033 ext. 391.

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