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AMGA enhances our research with use of both qualitative and quantitative methods and these mixed methods enable health systems to see the reasons behind specific health care outcomes and the nuances driving behavior and process changes.

Today, health care organizations face a multitude of opportunities and challenges. Opportunities to translate and integrate advances in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, biologic therapies, and technologies for better care, lower costs, and increased patient and provider satisfaction. They face challenges in narrowing the ever-widening gap between what we know is possible and what we are able to achieve in real-world practice. One such challenge is the persistence of health care disparities experienced by racial and ethnic minority groups who endure poorer health outcomes and higher rates of damaging health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma, heart disease, cancer, and preterm birth. AMGA is committed to identifying and addressing health disparities in research as well as all facets of AMGA’s work toward improving the health of the patients our members serve.

As part of our commitment to expand access to evidence-based solutions in health care delivery, AMGA partnered with AcademyHealth’s Learning Health Systems Interest group hosting, an Evidence-Driven Improvement Workshop at AMGA’s 2022 Innovation, Quality and Leadership Conference.  During the workshop, AMGA members discussed specific challenges with researchers and identified ways to use evidence-driven solutions to drive improvements in equity, quality, outcomes, and the cost of health care.

Download the workshop summary here.

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AMGA is using tried and tested tools from research on implementation to solve complex problems in health care that stand between your clinic and major improvements in patient care that can lead to lower costs.