Medical Clinic Staffing

Medical Clinic Staffing Survey

Medical Clinic Staffing

AMGA understands the ongoing struggles medical groups are experiencing with clinic staffing and the significant impact on overall group performance, including patient access, operational efficiency, and provider support. In early 2023, AMGA expedited a survey focused on clinic staffing, to help groups address these critical issues. The results give medical groups access to useful data and staffing metrics earlier in the year, including benchmarks for:

  • Clinic staff benchmarks by title 

  • APC-to-physician ratios by specialty

  • Benchmarks per physician, per provider, per 10,000 wRVUs, and per visit

  • Data available at the specialty type rollup (primary care, medical and surgical specialties) and specialty levels

  • Clinic staff benchmarks by roll 

AMGA conducted a second survey to enhance the results, designed to capture more tactical information to add a deeper level to the staffing data. This additional insight allows better understanding of how groups were moving forward during this challenging period.  The results for both surveys are included in the report:

  • Addressing Clinic Staffing Shortages

  • Clinic Staffing

Our intent for both of these surveys is to provide a clearer and more complete picture of the market and current trends affecting the industry. 

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The online survey report is available for purchase by provider organizations, non-provider organizations, and corporate entities. Only providers may purchase the print PDF version. AMGA members receive discounted pricing on their purchases.

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AMGA’s interactive online platform provides a user-friendly and flexible environment to analyze metrics for clinic staffing. Filter data by group type, geographic region, group size, and other criteria.

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2024 Data Collection Is Closed


If you have any questions about the survey methodology or its data—or are just unsure where to start—give us a call. Our team is ready to help.

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