AMGA Health Services Research

Our focus is implementation research, methods for the uptake, adoption, and integration of evidence-based practices, interventions, and policies into routine health care in clinical, organizational or policy contexts. Implementation research fosters learning across and between disciplines enabling researchers to learn from practitioners and vice versa. By its nature, implementation research fosters innovations that originate at the clinic level in response to real-world challenges.

AMGA Analytic studies combine quantitative data with qualitative data collected from AMGA member organizations. This mixed methods approach helps us uncover and understand the meaning behind the quantitative data and the nuances and reasons driving behavior and process changes.

Learning from Members

  • Identification of quality metrics that are  important and meaningful to members
  • Discovery of practice variation across member groups
  • Focus on high performers, quality metrics and established best practices
  • Shared learning of high-performer practices
  • Site visits to member groups interested in implementing successful care processes

Sharing Established Best Practices

  • Regular monitoring of data to identify gaps in care and established clinical best practices
  • Monitoring and appraisal of new research findings in peer reviewed journals and from collaborative partners
  • Shared learning to improve population health

Benefits of Participating In AMGA Research

  • Early opportunities to apply research findings at the local level to improve quality and patient experience
  • Operational efficiencies for better utilization of resources and calibration of performance indicators
  • Knowledge of how sites within your organization are performing, translating success of high performers into better care across the system
  • Knowledge of how your organization compares nationally to other healthcare organizations
  • Knowledge of how top-performing healthcare organizations are achieving success
  • Research support and assistance from AMGA and other prestigious research partners
  • Payment/stipends for participation in research projects
  • Promote a culture of learning that can lead to increased motivation and morale among your workforce and elevate your credibility among peers
  • Increase your visibility with presentations of key research findings at national scientific conferences, AMGA national meetings, and in articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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Participate in Research

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