GPJ Article: Game Changer

Game Changer

Featuring Daniel Passerman, D.O.

While there have been all manner of breakthrough innovations in health care throughout the last decade, no piece of progress has arguably been more consequential or rapid than the ongoing adoption and expansion of telemedicine into a health system’s operational ecosystem. With more than half of all hospitals in the U.S. now offering some form of telehealth service, the growth of the telehealth sector in the healthcare industry is expected to reach $93 billion in value by 2026, up from $21 billion in 2017. One of the many health systems across the country embracing this virtual transformation is Henry Ford Medical Group. Henry Ford’s Family Medicine Interim Chair Daniel Passerman, D.O., offers some educational insight into their organization’s journey into the telemedicine paradigm.

Published Group Practice Journal, March/April 2020. ©AMGA


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Game Changer