National Campaigns

Our national campaigns build on the successes that emerged from our Best Practices Learning Collaboratives and mobilize AMGA members to improve care and patient outcomes for the most pressing chronic conditions.

Together 2 Goal®

AMGA Foundation’s second national campaign, Together 2 Goal®, launched in 2016. This campaign challenged participating medical groups and health systems to improve care for 1 million people with Type 2 diabetes by 2019.

Two years into the campaign, participating groups nationwide had implemented new care processes (“campaign planks”) and made great progress towards this goal, collectively improving diabetes care for more than 750,000 people. However, medical groups and health systems requested the campaign be extended to allow more time for sustainable improvement. Consequently, Together 2 Goal® extended the campaign through 2021.

Three years into the campaign, Together 2 Goal® is thrilled to announce that our participating organizations have met and exceeded the campaign’s goal--achieving improved diabetes care for 1,082,000 people. Participating groups will use the remainder of the campaign to hardwire care processes to make these improvements sustainable, and new organizations will learn from the great work that’s already been done. Learn more at

Measure Up/ Pressure Down®

AMGA Foundation’s first national campaign—Measure Up/Pressure Down®— galvanized AMGA members across the country to improve high blood pressure detection and control. By the end of this three-year initiative in 2015, nearly 150 participating organizations had collectively improved the lives of over half a million Americans with high blood pressure.

Read Measure Up/Pressure Down® Impact Report