Provider Satisfaction Benchmarking Survey

Delivering high-performance health to your patients depends on the engagement, commitment, and allegiance of your physicians, other clinicians, and staff. Their satisfaction and their alignment with your organization’s mission and goals translate into a superior patient experience that nurtures your patients’ loyalty to you as their partners in health. Empowered providers and staff are critical to succeeding in today’s competitive environment.

The AMGA Provider Satisfaction Benchmarking Program (ProSat) gives you access to national, valid, peer-based benchmarks of satisfaction among your providers, based on data from organizations similar to your own.

Our survey includes the following dimensions:

  • Leadership and Communications
  • Time Spent Working
  • Compensation
  • Quality of Care
  • Patient Interactions
  • Administration
  • Computers
  • Resources
  • Acceptance by Colleagues
  • Relationships with Staff
  • Paperwork
  • Pre-Authorization Hassles

NEW! The survey now includes seven burnout-related items, measuring exhaustion, disengagement, and professional fulfillment.

If there are specific topics or areas that you would like to explore in further detail, you can add questions. In addition, respondents can comment on other work-related issues in a final, open-ended question.

Have questions or need assistance? Please contact Mark Miller, director of survey studies and research, via email or at 703.838.0033 ext. 363.