Medical Clinic Staffing Survey

AMGA 2023 Medical Clinic Staffing Survey

AMGA understands the real struggles that medical groups are experiencing with clinic staffing amid the great resignation, COVID-19 and employee burnout. We also understand the significant impact this is having on patient access, operational efficiency, provider support and overall medical group operations.

Survey Overview

Given the staffing challenges, we have made a decision which we believe medical group leaders will find to be of benefit and great value.  This year, we are separating our clinic staffing survey from the overall Operations and Finance Survey (which will be distributed for participation later in Spring 2023) and making the staffing component available in late January.

Given the timeframe and the sole focus on staffing, we believe this will lead to greater participation and decreased turnaround time on putting the report together, allowing medical groups to access useful data and metrics much earlier in the year. The clinic staffing survey collection tool is considerably shorter, focuses solely on staffing at the clinic level, and should take less time to complete.

We urge you to participate in the survey and submit data by Wednesday, March 15, 2023, so that groups can make informed decisions based upon the results that are from a strong cohort of medical groups. 

All Participants Receive a Free PDF Report and Discounted Online Access!

How to Participate

Download and complete the 2023 Medical Clinic Staffing Survey Input Tool