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2021 Online Survey Portal

The online portal provides a user-friendly and flexible environment for users to target specific data, customize views and utilize multiple display options.

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2021 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Report

Now in its 34rd year, AMGA’s Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Report focuses on the individual compensation and productivity of physicians and other clinical staff, starting salaries of new residents and experienced new hires, as well as salaries for physician leadership, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Compensation for a comprehensive list of medical group executive/ leadership roles are also included in the survey.­­

Survey Report Overview

With the largest dataset in 34 years, the 2021 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Report includes 398 medical groups and more than 190,000 providers and executives nationwide. The results will assist medical groups and health systems in evaluating the competitiveness of compensation levels for their group's physician and clinical staff, and provide organizations with invaluable insight into the relationship between physician compensation and productivity. It will also allow groups to compare with various national averages. All survey results are segmented by medical specialty as appropriate, and provide specific breakdowns by size of group and geographic region.

2021 Compensation Survey

Purchase Options

Provider organizations, non-provider organizations, and corporate entities can purchase the survey report
using the link below. AMGA members receive discounted pricing on their purchases.

 The 2021 online survey portal offers a user-friendly, tableau-based platform, featuring:

  • Live features to customize data and promote analysis
  • Graphing capability with multiple visual representations of the data
  • Multiple filtering options including group type, academic status, region, and years of service
  • Capability to export data sets and see all available specialties, physician and APP compensation and productivity data, medical director hourly rates, executive salary and bonus data, and more

AMGA members and corporate partners receive up to a 50% discount on their 2021 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey Report purchases.

2022 Compensation Survey Data Collection

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