Data Collection: 2023 Medical Group Benefits Survey

AMGA QuIC program

Request for Data

AMGA Consulting, in partnership with The Partners Group LTD, is conducting a survey to target, review, and depict gaps in the healthcare industry’s total rewards programs, using best-in-class data collection and analysis. Facing increased pressure to attract and retain high-quality providers, many organizations are reevaluating their employee benefits and total rewards package to ensure they are an employer of choice.

As the first survey of its kind focused on benefit plan details for medical groups, the 2023 Medical Group Benefits Survey is carefully designed to strike an optimal balance between program and plan design benchmarking. Covering everything from retirement plans to health insurance, income protection, and more, the benchmarks gathered through this data collection will provide a wide view of how organizations are approaching benefits offerings to providers. 

The pioneering survey results will allow leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions about their total rewards programs that truly benefit the physician, the organization, and as a result, care delivery in the communities they serve. 

How to Participate

Please complete and submit your data. Completed questionnaires should be sent directly to

Data Collection*

The survey is easy to complete and will capture market data on key benefit offerings, including:

  • Health insurance

  • Retirement plans

  • Financial wellness and income protection

  • Leaves and time off

  • Family benefits
  • Personal development and wellness

  • Lifestyle optimization

*AMGA Consulting will maintain a confidential file for each group’s response. No other organization will have access to your group’s individual data.


Please direct all questions to Elizabeth Siemsen. Thank you in advance for your participation!