Benefits Survey

AMGA 2018 Provider Benefits Survey

Returning for the first time since 2014, the AMGA 2018 Provider Benefits Survey offers a comprehensive look into how the provider benefits of health systems compare with one another across the country.

Survey Overview

The 2018 Provider Benefits Survey includes data from 83 organizations across 34 states, more than double since AMGA published its survey in 2014. As part of the update, AMGA collected 2018 benefits package information in AMGA’s 2018 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity survey, utilizing a supplemental survey to capture additional information from participants.

The benchmarks gathered through this data collection provide a wide view of how healthcare organizations are approaching benefits offerings to providers, and what has changed in the years since the 2014 report. Covering everything from retirement plans and 401(k)s, profit sharing, medical insurance, time off, cafeteria plans, income protection, and professional development options, the information within the survey is a valuable resource for understanding trends in the industry, which can then be used to attract and retain provider talent.

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Please contact Christopher Gibbs, manager, membership and circulation database, at or 703.838.0033 ext. 362.