Operations & Practice Optimization

Medical groups simply can’t afford to miss the mark when it comes to practice efficiency. The directional emphasis on value-based care and the financial reality of increased physician compensation with flat or declining revenue means that medical groups must be flawless when it comes to their clinic operations.

How We Help

Our Operations and Practice Optimization work combines a proven process, relevant data, and firsthand experience advising medical groups to give your financial and operational teams the clarity they need to hit the bullseye on their strategic planning.

Recommendations Fit for Medical Groups

There is a lot of misleading data in healthcare, and groups frequently apply metrics that may have unintended consequences and hamper their financial and operational improvement efforts. Our senior consultants have led multispecialty medical groups and we know what works because we’ve seen what works.

What We Find

When we complete an operations review engagement, we typically identify $38,000 - $75,000 (per physician) of opportunity, either on the expense side or the revenue side. We don’t say this to boast, and we’re not here just to cut staff. Our goal is to provide your team with a clear and complete picture of your clinic operations compared to the market so that you can make critical decisions with confidence.

Are You on the Right Track?

Simply evaluating just five metrics can identify vital areas that link to the overall medical group’s operational and financial health. Whether you are looking for a quick checkup to make sure your organizations strategy is headed in the right direction or a more comprehensive review from clinic financials to patient access and everything in between, our AMGA Consulting team is ready to support you.

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Don’t Compare Apples to Oranges

Our Operations and Finance Survey is the one of the leading sources in the market for large multispecialty group operational and financial metrics. Unlike other commonly used sources for medical groups, 87% of participating groups in our survey are multispecialty, and 79% of participating groups have more than 150 provider FTEs. For larger groups, our survey offers accurate comparisons for patient access, clinic staffing, financial performance, and other critical benchmarks.

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Expert Insights

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