Medical Group Compensation and Productivity


Medical Group Compensation & Productivity

Medical Group Compensation & Productivity

Align your team with an effective compensation strategy. Stay on top of industry trends with AMGA’s 2024 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity Survey, a leader in compensation data and benchmarks for 37 years. This year's data are compiled from nearly 190,000 providers across 459 medical groups, and contains compensation and productivity metrics for 197 physician and other provider specialties. The survey also contains salary and bonus data for 61 executive/leadership positions.  

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The 2024 online survey report is available for purchase by provider organizations, non-provider organizations, and corporate entities. Only providers may purchase the print version. AMGA members receive discounted pricing on their purchases.

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Online Data Portal

AMGA’s interactive online platform makes it easy to filter data by specialty, group type, region, years of service, and more, giving you the market insights needed to recruit and retain top talent.

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It’s a true win-win situation. Hundreds of medical groups and health systems nationwide submit data each year. Participating groups receive additional benefits like custom benchmarks and online access.

2024 Data Collection Is Closed


If you have any questions about the survey methodology, its data, or are just unsure where to start – give us a call. Our team is ready to help.

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Taking Data a Step Further

Taking Data a Step Further

Physician compensation is one of the most critical aspects of medical group performance, and we recognize that sometimes, you need more than data to support your organizations financial efforts. AMGA Consulting provides a full complement of provider compensation services:

  • Trends Overview & Education

  • Creating Provider Alignment

  • Benchmarking & Market Analysis

  • Volume to Value Transition Planning

  •  Fair Market Value

  • Comprehensive Redesign

With us as your partner, you’ll be prepared for key marketplace changes impacting your practice, and feel confident about your group’s financial direction. 

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Is This the New Normal?

After the tumultuous results found in the 2022 Medical Group Compensation and Productivity survey, with deflated volumes and the inflated compensation per work RVU (wRVU) ratios, the latest data show the bounce back of provider wRVU production and realignment of compensation to wRVU production. However, The impact of the combined post-pandemic “business as usual” and the CMS wRVU weight change is the most significant change to happen in several decades. 

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