Who Will You Reach?

The Group Practice Journal is distributed to physician executives, physicians, and administrators at every medical group, IPA, ACO, and Integrated Delivery System in the country. The journal reaches physician and non-physician leaders and every physician at AMGA member groups, as well as the leadership of every non-member group in the U.S. Published 10 times a year, the journal addressed the vital business information needs of the medical group community. With a circulation of nearly 80,000, the Group Practice Journal offers an unparalleled reach into the health care community.

Advertising in the Group Practice Journal puts your message before the leaders of the largest and most prestigious medical groups in the U.S. These are the individuals who make the purchase decisions, choose vendors, and establish collaborative partnerships. AMGA members are the leading medical groups in the country, groups that will have a profound impact on the future of health care. AMGA's Board of Directors is composed of the leaders of some of the premier medical institutions in the world. Within these groups, and many others throughout the U.S., you will be able to reach the top decision-makers.

For more information on advertising in the Group Practice Journal, contact:

Mark Mrvica
M. J. Mrvica Associates, Inc.
2 West Taunton Avenue
Berlin, NJ 08009
856.768.9360 / Fax 856.753.0064



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