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IQL20 Virtual: Transformation and Innovation Post COVID-19

Now Available On-Demand

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, seismic changes in the healthcare industry have forever changed the way patients access and health systems deliver care. Medical groups and health systems have accelerated their digital health, telehealth, and virtual care capabilities overnight, forcing them to disrupt their practices. They are already planning for the new reality and have no intention of going back to their previous business model, based on hospital revenue, in-person visits, and fee-for-service payment. Provider organizations that innovate and adapt to this new reality will emerge positioned for success.
AMGA’s 2020 Innovation, Quality & Leadership Conference (IQL20) examined some of the groups that have made these adaptations to survive and thrive in a post-COVID world. What did their leaders do to manage such rapid and far-reaching change? How did operations and care processes get transformed overnight to accommodate the social distance and shelter-in-place orders, as well as the elimination of elective procedures and non-essential visits. What are the new financing models that will determine how the healthcare system of the future will operate? How will patients access care in the future? 
IQL20 Virtual: Transformation and Innovation Post COVID-19 offers cutting-edge examples from groups that have used the opportunity created by this crisis to forge a new path forward, as well as from innovators from outside the industry.
Our program, now available on demand, consists of several key components:
  • Keynote speakers help you create innovative ways to lead your groups through change.
  • Peer-to-peer breakout sessions led by executives from the nation's top healthcare delivery systems share knowledge and strategies.
  • Continuing education credit for CME, CMPE, and Nursing.


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