Stop Medicare Reimbursement Cuts

Unless Congress acts this year, Medicare provider reimbursement rates will be cut by almost 10% on January 1, 2022. AMGA has developed an Advocacy Campaign designed to stop these dramatic payment cuts and push for other medical group priorities such as supporting Medicare Advantage, preserving telehealth services, and moving to value.

We welcome your active involvement with us in lobbying Congress to fix these critical issues.

Tools & Information

Below are tools designed to educate Members of Congress and the media on the impact these cuts will have on multispecialty medical groups and their patients.

Press Conference

On Tuesday, October 12 AMGA held a press conference where several members commented on the effects these cuts would have on them. The following are excerpts from that press conference.

The Return of Medicare Cuts

May 17, 2022

Public Policy Update Ep. 6 – While AMGA’s efforts to stop Medicare reimbursement cuts were largely successful in 2021, a new round of cuts has now surfaced, some of which have already gone into effect. In this episode of Public Policy Update, we discuss the cuts that were paused, and explain what healthcare leaders can do to help stop them. More episodes of Public Policy Update can be found here.

Quincy Medical Group CEO Carol Brockmiller

October 12, 2021

Quincy Medical Group CEO Carol Brockmiller explains the impact 10% cuts to Medicare reimbursement would have on medical groups like hers, should the proposed cut go into effect in 2022.

Crystal Run Healthcare CQO and Medical Director Dr. Scott Hines

October 12, 2021

Scott Hines, M.D., Chief Quality Officer at Crystal Run Healthcare, expresses that significant Medicare payment cuts are no way to repay the healthcare system that has worked tirelessly during the pandemic.

Sanford Health Clinic President Dr. Luis Garcia

October 12, 2021

Luis Garcia, M.D., President at Sanford Health Clinic indicates that significant Medicare payment cuts will impede medical groups' ability to enhance access to care, care quality, and innovation.

Media Coverage

While Medicare cuts are a major emphasis of AMGA’s Advocacy Campaign, our Public Policy team also is actively opposing Congressional efforts to cut Medicare Advantage payments, advocating for extension of regulatory waivers so AMGA members can continue to provide telehealth services, and lobbying for our value agenda. For more information on these issues, please see AMGA’s issue briefs, or contact Madison Schultz, government relations assistant, at