Senate HELP Draft on Transparency Builds on AMGA’s Claims Data Efforts

Alexandria, VA – AMGA is closely reviewing the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee draft legislation on improving transparency in health care and is pleased that it recognizes the importance of access to administrative claims data. The legislation, released today, bolsters AMGA efforts to ensure healthcare providers have access to claims data by mandating that commercial payers share administrative claims data with providers in a “single, longitudinal format.”

Access to claims data from all payers has been a longstanding priority for AMGA and its members, who are leading the transition to value-based care. Successfully delivering care and assuming financial risk for a patient population requires a detailed understanding of all the care a patient receives. A major impediment to the move to value is that pieces of information are kept in various unconnected systems that do not follow the patient through every encounter within the healthcare system. Today’s discussion draft confirms the importance of access to all patient data, regardless of where it originated, as well as the need of a standardized reporting format.

“Moving through the healthcare system can be daunting for patients,” said Jerry Penso, M.D., M.B.A., AMGA president and chief executive officer. “Our members can guide them, but it’s difficult to do so without a complete understanding of all the care they have received. I’m encouraged this draft legislation offers our members a tool they have been asking for to help provide the best possible care to the communities they serve.”

AMGA has championed the need for access to claims data, including data from commercial plans, and for a standardized reporting format. Providers rely on this data to understand better the care that happens outside of their four walls. The lack of access to claims data has been identified as a significant impediment in the transition to value in AMGA’s recently released Risk Survey.

AMGA stands ready to work with the Senate HELP Committee as it continues its work to improve transparency in health care.


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