Care Model Analysis

How Efficient Is Your Care Model?

As medical groups navigate the new realities of value-based care, it has become increasingly important to manage operational efficiency. Outside of providing high-quality care for patients, achieving the right balance of physician to APC complement can have an incredible impact on an organization’s bottom line. Particularly if groups are misaligned with relation to productivity, it can have a compounding effect on the financial health of the organization. Our team’s analysis can quickly identify areas of focus that will help your team better navigate the road ahead.

Medical Group Analysis

We begin our analysis by reviewing the staffing ratios within each of your departments and benchmarking that against AMGA Consulting’s nationally renowned benchmarking data to uncover areas of misalignment. By using a volume-adjusted analysis, we can identify areas of opportunity where APCs can be utilized in a more efficient manner.

For example, the analysis above indicates that, overall, the care team is overstaffed by more than 35 providers, with a high percentage of that occurring in primary care (Internal Medicine and Family Medicine). By examining provider productivity data, the organization may find they are even further overstaffed.

While the numbers may tell you one story, it’s important that we compare each of these in context. There are likely several reasons for having extra staff support within your organization, and our experts, who are former medical group executives, can work with your organization to identify areas to improve alignment and efficiency.

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