Industry Breakout Sessions

Join AMGA Corporate Partners and industry stakeholders on  Thursday, April 11, from 1:45 to 2:45 pm for special content sessions to enhance your educational experience during the conference. These sessions, open to medical group attendees only and included in your registration fee, will share strategies and best practices to achieve the common goal of improving process, culture, leadership, and ultimately, patient care.

Thursday, April 11

1:45pm – 2:45pm

The Economic Burden of Opioid Use Disorder and Options for Treatment of a Chronic Disease
Sponsored by Indivior

This session led by Dr. Holly Geyer, Medical Director and Chair Opioid Stewardship Program, at the Mayo Clinic, Arizona will feature content about the landscape of opioid use disorder (OUD) and available treatments. OUD is a chronic disease that has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and as the prevalence of OUD increases, so do the economic and healthcare system burdens. This presentation will highlight Dr. Geyer’s approach to treating OUD and how medications for opioid use disorder can improve patient health outcomes and potentially save lives.  

Holly Geyer, MD, Medical Director and Chair Opioid Stewardship Program, Mayo Clinic AZ

Empowering Clinicians: How Privia Health Leverages AI to Excel in Value-Based Care 
Sponsored by Navina

Clinician engagement is a prerequisite for value-based success. But growing administrative burdens, clinician burnout, and regulatory requirements take clinicians farther away from the one task that keeps them satisfied: delivering high-quality patient care. Learn how Privia Health leverages AI at the point of care to enhance the patient and clinician relationship, increase clinician satisfaction, and improve outcomes.

Dana McCalley, MBA, VP of Value-Based Care, Navina 
Keith Fernandez, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Privia Health

Building Skills: A Pathway to Patient Connection, Team Collaboration and Leadership Effectiveness 
Sponsored by Practicing Excellence 

Every organization is challenged with two fundamental imperatives. First, create a culture where care team members stay and engage. And two, create an experience for patients that advances loyalty to our organizations, and engagement in care. As workforce instability and burnout reach all-time highs, and the rise of consumerism and patient choice are challenging our hold on the market, both are equally important to assure the success of our organizations. In this session, Dr. Stephen Beeson, Founder of Practicing Excellence, author, and family medicine physician, takes you on the application of people development to power the experience of patients and care team simultaneously. Dr. Beeson outlines a tested method of systemic skill-building to render witnessable patient connection, team collaboration, and leadership effectiveness by targeting skill development directly to team engagement and patient experience goals.


  1. Outline recent data on the state of experience for patients and care teams 
  2. Apply a sequenced approach of mapping a skill-building approach to priorities of patient connection, team collaboration, and leadership effectiveness
  3. Review the results and data when skill-building is applied as a path to achieve priorities in patient connection and talent retention

Stephen Beeson, MD, Family Medicine Physician, Founder, Clinician Experience Project 

Is Whole-person Care Possible in the Age of AI?
Sponsored by IKS Health

Cost-effective whole-person care is a holy grail. In a world where whole-person health requires compassionate human touch, considerations of social determinants, mental and psychological well-being, etc., is the brouhaha over generative AI misplaced and a distraction? In this session a technologist and a physician executive will debate the role of emerging technologies, including generative AI, in helping to meet the healthcare challenges of today and the future. They will each start in their respective corners and argue their side, but will then make a case for why success likely lies in an AND and not an OR.

Grace Terrell, MD, Chief Medical Officer, IKS Health
Elise-Marie Menkie, Vice President of Product, IKS Health

Building a Precision Health Strategy for Your Medical Group
Sponsored by Helix

This session, led by Cassie Hajek, MD, FACP, FACMG, a former leader of the Imagenetics program at Sanford Health, will delve into the dynamic landscape of precision health, and how it intertwines with enterprise genomics to address key medical group strategic priorities around high quality care, market leadership, data and analytics and health equity. Gain insights into approaches for building your precision health strategy by exploring key considerations, emerging trends, and practical roadmaps. Discover how precision health initiatives can be strategically employed to drive innovation, growth and design care.

Cassie Hajek, MD, FACP, FACMG, Medical Director, Helix
Brian Taylor, Strategy & Growth Leader, Helix

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

AMGA Medication Adherence and Health Equity Workshop
Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

This two-hour, interactive workshop will include a keynote presentation on medication adherence by a national expert, Dr. Juan P. Brito, Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the Shared Decision Making National Resource Center and the Care and AI Laboratory, Mayo Clinic.  Following will be a  presentation of research findings from two AMGA-led studies on primary and secondary adherence to anticoagulants, oral oncolytics, and antihypertensives, including a focus on health equity. AMGA staff and national experts will facilitate small group, interactive table discussions to reflect on the presentations, identify barriers and brainstorm solutions to address medication adherence in their organizations.  

This workshop will be of interest to anyone interested in better understanding the drivers of medication adherence, variation among subpopulations, as well as identified barriers and potential solutions. Attendees will (1) gain a deeper understanding of medication adherence across different classes of drugs; (2) better understand the drivers and barriers for medication adherence; (3) discuss research insights with peers and collaborate around potential solutions to address medication adherence; and (4) increase their awareness of disparities in medication adherence among different sub-populations and different classes of drugs.

Interested? Please email to register.

Juan P. Brito, MD, Professor of Medicine and Medical Director 
Jeff Mohl, PhD, Senior Director, Research & Analytics, AMGA
Elizabeth Ciemins, PhD, MPH, MA, Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, AMGA
Liz Ruvalcaba, MSPH, Senior Research Lead, Research & Analytics, AMGA