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Harness the Energy of In-Person Connections

There is undeniable power in bringing together leaders, innovators, and decision-makers in person— to collaborate, share learning, and develop genuine connections—that goes beyond virtual interactions. Experience AMGA’s 2024 Annual Conference (AC24) for transformative discussions, sharing of best practices, and strategic collaborations essential to your organization’s high performance.

This year’s program focuses on how leadership impacts organizational culture; the impact of technology and innovation in healthcare; how patient-centered care offers a holistic approach to an individual’s health needs and desired health outcomes; and operations, finance, and workforce issues impacting health systems and medical groups. 

  • Make connections. Gain an expanded perspective by interacting with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators from the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.
  • Engage in knowledge sharing. Participate in diverse workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches led by experts in leadership, management, and strategic planning. Gain the knowledge to shape your organization’s future.
  • Embrace innovation. Be inspired to think creatively and problem solve innovatively as peer-to-peer learning opportunities abound at the conference. It’s an environment in which new ideas are born and where you and your team can gain a fresh perspective on your organization’s challenges.
  • Focus on strategic planning. Bring your leadership team and use the off-site, in-person time as a strategic planning session. Develop and refine your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives in a private meeting space.
  • Encourage professional growth. Invest in your own professional development as well as your team’s advancement. The conference is an opportunity to see beyond day-to-day challenges. Return to your organization with enhanced skills, knowledge, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Need a little help getting approval to attend the AMGA 2024 Annual Conference? 

Below, you will find a “justification letter” template that can help your leadership team understand the benefits of having you attend the conference. This general template will get you started, and you can customize it to your particular needs. Click here to download a copy of AMGA’s AC24 Justification Letter template.

Dear <insert name>,

I would like to attend the AMGA 2024 Annual Conference (AC24), April 9-12, at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. This is the most sought after conference experience for medical group and health system leaders with an agenda that offers comprehensive, cutting-edge educational sessions presented by peers on topics including value-based care, operational efficiencies, innovation, and care delivery. I hope to learn more about these topics so I can be a greater asset to our organization and help set it apart in our market as the healthcare leader in our community.

After reviewing the conference brochure and website, I have selected a number of educational sessions that will allow me to gain additional knowledge and understanding of various healthcare topics and best practices, many of which provide continuing education credit. Some of the presentations I would like to attend include:

  • <list session 1>
  • <list session 2>
  • <list session 3>

General conference registration includes full access to breakout sessions (as well as their presentations and handouts), keynotes sessions, poster presentations, all food functions, and an interactive exhibit hall with 100+ exhibitors.

Here is the breakdown of conference costs:

  • Airfare: <$xxx>
  • Transportation: <$xxx>
  • Hotel: <$xxx>
  • Meals: <$xxx>
  • Conference fee: <$xxx>
  • Total: <$xxx>

The opportunity for me to learn more in-depth knowledge in specific areas such as <insert areas of interest> makes my attendance at AC24 a wise investment that will yield rich dividends for <insert company name>.

Upon my return from the conference, I hope to inspire and motivate the team by sharing key takeaways, including those that we may be able to implement immediately to maximize the service to our patient community. You can also learn more about the conference at

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


<Your name>

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