AMGA Hospital and Health System Executive Track

At the operational intersection of hospitals and their affiliated physicians in various models is a myriad of complexities and opportunities for value creation. This track was designed to foster innovative solutions to current pain points, inspire transformative strategies, and cultivate a shared vision of excellence in integrated health systems. Leaders invited to this track will engage with renowned experts, exchange insights with peers, and immerse themselves in cutting-edge discussions that promise to find solutions to current and future challenges. In addition to this track, system leaders in attendance will also have access to all general sessions, exhibit hall, poster sessions and ability to add on immersion sessions and leadership council meetings to enhance their registration. 

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Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Describe successful examples of collaborative care initiatives where hospitals and physicians work hand-in-hand to enhance patient outcomes, streamline processes, and optimize resource utilization.
  • Highlight the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in managing hospital throughput.
  • Reflect on the unique role financial leaders play in guiding healthcare systems, and describe the qualities and strategies that effective financial leadership brings to the table for navigating the complexities of fiscal management.

Agenda – Health System Track - Thursday, April 11

(10:15 am – 11:15 am) Value Creation at the Intersection of the Hospital and Physician Model Ambulatory Services – A Panel Discussion

Welcome by J. Stephen Jones, MD, MBA, FACS, Chair, AMGA Board of Directors, President and CEO, Inova Health System
Panelists: Mary Jo Williamson, Chief Administrative Officer, Mayo Collaborative Services, Mayo Clinic-Rochester; Adnan Munkarah, MD, President, Care Delivery System, Henry Ford Health; and Bedri Yusuf, MD, Chief Physician Executive, Northeast Georgia Physicians Group

This insightful panel discussion will delve into the dynamic realm where hospital and physician models intersect.  Panelists will explore the synergies, challenges, and innovative strategies that can drive value creation, fostering a more collaborative and efficient healthcare ecosystem.  Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in the convergence of hospital and physician models, with a focus on driving value and transforming the landscape of ambulatory care.

(11:30 am – 12:30 pm) Managing Hospital Throughput and Care Transitions Roundtable Discussion

Marijka Grey, MD, MBA, FACP, System VP, Ambulatory Transformation & Innovation Physician Enterprise, CommonSpirit Health

Step into the heart of healthcare optimization with our engaging roundtable discussion.  In this interactive session, healthcare leaders will explore innovative strategies, share experiences, and collaboratively tackle the challenges associated with optimizing hospital throughput and seamless care transitions.  Whether you're a healthcare executive or frontline provider, this session aims to drive positive change and elevate the standards of care delivery in our healthcare institutions.

(4:00 pm – 5:00 pm) Management of System Finances – Fireside Chat

Brian Harte, MD, MHM, President of Cleveland Clinic Akron General & Southern Region, Cleveland Clinic with Lori Ritchey-Baldwin, CFO, St. Elizabeth Physicians and Sarah Gahm, SVP, President of Clinic Operations, Baylor Scott & White Health

Join us for an illuminating fireside chat as we dive deep into the intricacies of managing system finances in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. This intimate and insightful conversation will explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in steering healthcare systems toward fiscal resilience and success. Whether you are a CFO, financial manager, or a healthcare executive, this enriching conversation promises to deepen your understanding of effective financial management in healthcare systems.

Agenda – Health System Track - Friday, April 12

(10:00 am – 11:00 am) Hospital and Health System Leadership Discussion Group

Moderators: Tesha Montgomery, FACHE, MHA, RN, Senior Vice President, Houston Methodist Physician Organization and Joshua Crabtree, MD, Vice President, Sanford Health

In this interactive session, participants will have the chance to vote on the top 2-3 topics to be discussed and engage in an open forum conversation while sharing experiences.

Topics to be considered for discussion include:

  • Organizational Structure (Centralized vs. Decentralized Services; optimizing dyad models or other leadership models)
  • Change management
  • Consolidation lessons learned
  • Succeeding in value as a health system
  • Workforce/competition for staff
  • Patient Access to Care
  • Use of APCs