Staffing Efficiency

Are You Staffed to Thrive in Value? 

On average staff salaries and benefits can account for 21% of all the total operating costs within the clinic setting, according to the 2020 AMGA Medical Group Operations and Finance Survey.

Particularly as organizations look towards the future of care delivery in the wake of COVID-19, having an efficient care model, with the right balance of FTE providers and work RVUs, is vital to the medical group’s future.

Our wellness exam process takes a deep dive into your clinic staffing, analyzing by department specialty. Coupled with the expert insight from our consulting staff, who are former medical group executives, we are able to pinpoint areas for opportunity around staffing efficiency.

Clinic Staffing by Department Specialty

In the example below, our team dives into the Family Medicine department analyzing the group’s back office, front office, and ancillary support, benchmarking that information against our national data on both a per provider and volume-adjusted basis.

The analysis helped to identify that, based on the clinic’s volume, the Family Medicine department is overstaffed in the back office by nearly 11 FTEs and by more than 6 FTEs in the front office. As this organization looks to rebalance clinic staff, it is critical they identify these areas of improvement, which can have a direct impact on nearly one-quarter of their expense matrix.

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