Workshop and Retreat Program

Accelerate Your Transformation!
The AMGA Workshop and Retreat Program offers you a customized educational experience. Our team partners with you to provide precise solutions to accelerate your transformation and empower you to think strategically about the issues facing your group, including:

  • How to manage risk under MACRA and other value-based reimbursement models

  • How to engage physician and administrative leaders in change initiatives

Our Program
This isn’t a standard, out-of-the-box seminar. Our customized Workshop and Retreat Program combines decades of knowledge and industry experience with proven strategies and solutions from executives with hands-on, day-to-day experience leading healthcare organizations. Our faculty is not made up of consultants looking for business development opportunities. We harness the talents of our member community by matching your desired objectives with their knowledge and expertise.

Our program is ideal for board, management, and clinical department retreats and workshops on strategic planning, preparing for MACRA and risk, clinical integration, and transforming from a volume-based to a value-based healthcare system.

Count On Us To:

  • Collaborate with your team to affirm the areas of interest and goals for the program

  • Match and customize your requirements with faculty experts from our member community

  • Coordinate/moderate the agenda and assist with facilitating meaningful group discussion


What Our Members Say

“You don’t need another 40-year-old in French cuffs telling you how to run a medical group. Wouldn’t you rather hear from a seasoned executive with decades of experience running high-performing healthcare systems?”
– Robert E. Nesse, M.D., CEO Mayo Clinic Health System Rochester, MN


Count On Our Team To:

  • Present solutions that:

    • Respond to goals and objectives

    • Provide practical approaches and solutions to topic areas

    • Provide perspective on how the approach relates to initiatives in your system and your community

  • Facilitate meaningful group discussions that

    • Engage various stakeholders in problem solving

    • Enable your team to develop solutions and strategies

    • Lead to action and advancement

Potential topics include:

  • Managing risk

  • Succeeding under MACRA

  • Creating a culture of value

  • Physician leadership and governance

  • Clinical integration

  • Coordinated care/care redesign

  • Medical group/hospital partnerships

  • Aligning financial incentives

  • Quality metrics/transparency

  • Population health management/chronic care treatment

  • Clinical department assessments and strategic plans

  • Introduction to ACOs

  • Managing growth/change

  • Medicare programs

  • Leader/physician/staff/patient engagement


What Our Members Say

“I needed a subject matter expert on MACRA to prepare the physician shareholders for the payment model changes coming down the road.  AMGA certainly opened their eyes and reinforced the message from the leadership about why we are doing the things we are doing.”
– Ashok Rai, M.D., President and CEO, Prevea Health Services, Green Bay, WI


As these are customized programs, our pricing will vary depending on three variables:

  1. Scope of topics covered

  2. Length of the program

  3. Status of membership in AMGA

For more information, contact: Tom Holets at or 612.209.0981.