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Welcome to the AMGA GR Leadership Council Members Only Website.

Here you can access all information associated with the Council. The goal of this website is to share information among Council members. Your Council liaison is Chet Speed.

If there is information that you would like to share with the Council, please email it to Joe DeLisle, Jr., Membership and Council Relations Manager, at The information will be made available here.

Please find the rules and expectations for using this members-only website below.

As always, AMGA welcomes any recommendations for enhancements to this website.

Rules and Expectations for Site

  1. The Site is password protected. The password will only be provided to current Council members. Members are prohibited from sharing the password with any non-member, e.g., members may not share the password with other members of their medical group.
  2. Council members accessing the Site agree that they will not reveal to any non-council member the identity of the Council member who submitted a particular document, nor will they use any document from the Site that identifies the submitting member without first redacting all information that identifies the submitting member and his/her organization.
  3. Council members may freely use de-identified documents from the Site for any reasonable business purpose. Members submitting documents agree that other members may essentially "plagiarize" by using de-identified information from the Site in whole or in part for any reasonable business purpose, e.g., a Council member may add identifying information for his/her own organization to a sample policy on the Site and implement the policy within his/her own organization. Members using information from the Site are prohibited from claiming copyright protection on the material and the member who originally submitted the material retains the same ownership rights s/he had prior to submitting it to the Site.
  4. Annually, the chair of the Council will ensure that the Site is reviewed by members of the Planning Committee prior to the next meeting to ensure that materials are not "out of date."
  5. Every member using the Site agrees that all documents are available on an "as is, where is" basis without any warranties or representations of any kind from the member who submits information. Members accessing information on the Site hereby release each member who has submitted information to the Site from any liability of any nature whatsoever related to use of documents submitted by the released member on the Site.

AMGA does not endorse any of the products, processes, or services provided on the Council website. The products, processes, or services identified on this website are provided by council members. The website is provided by AMGA as a resource for Council members to share tools, articles, etc. amongst the group.