Strategic Initiatives

AMGA currently is working on several key strategic initiatives on behalf you and your patients.

MACRA and Risk Initiative: An initiative aimed at helping you wherever your organization is on the MACRA readiness spectrum, whether you're looking for a concise summary of the proposed MACRA rule, details on the two track payment systems, or a customized workshop to set your strategy. Our MACRA and Risk Initiative will provide the insights to prepare you for action.

Chronic Care Challenge: A series of national campaigns dedicated to engaging healthcare systems, providers, patients, employers, and the entire nation in efforts to improve the management of specific chronic diseases. Our newest Chronic Care Challenge is focused on Type 2 diabetes.

High-Performing Health Systems: A campaign to educate legislators, insurers, and the public on the unique attributes of these systems and to aid you in your efforts to improve patient care, including an Assessment Program to help you strategically align your organization for value-based care.

AMGA Analytics: AMGA provides robust resources for data analytics and clinical translation.  Assisting members in improving care for their patient populations through new discoveries of opportunity using data, predictive analytics to identity high risk population, comparative benchmarking, shared best practices and translation of the findings into practice.