Transforming to a Value-Based System of Care - Members Only

AMGA's Accountable Care Collaborative: Transforming to a Value-Base System of Care Collaborative is a yearlong shared learning program that will focus on the fundamental organizational, systems, and culture changes necessary for successful transformation to a value-based system of care, regardless of the path chosen-CMS's Shared Savings Program, the Pioneer ACO Program, commercial ACOs, or other models yet to emerge. Our goal is to create a rich collaborative experience providing participants with practical solutions and strategies specific to their situation.

Through the collaborative, AMGA will leverage scarce resources and access to content experts and practice experience while supporting the learning community with dedicated e-forums, a members-only website, and monthly webinars.

Most importantly, members will shape the content, scope, and direction of the learning process. The collaborative will be member-driven-participants will determine educational content priorities and will share what they have learned so that others in the collaborative can adopt what has worked and avoid what has not.

Collaborative Structure
The Collaborative will be structured for participants following five basic pathways to a value-based system of care:

  1. CMS Share Savings Program

  2. CMMI Pioneer ACO Program

  3. Future Models Yet to Be Determined

  4. Commercial ACOs

  5. Getting Started on an ACO (Pathway Not Chosen)

Organizations transforming to a value-based system via one of the pathways above will need to address the following aspects of this endeavor:

  1. Organizational Commitment

  2. Physician Leadership and Engagement

  3. Commitment to Quality

    • Metrics

    • Transparency

    • Process Improvement

  4. Clinical Integration: Specialty, Acute, Post-acute

  5. Care Redesign

  6. Collaboration/ Partnerships

  7. Managing Risk Infrastructure

Focusing on the areas above, the collaborative will be structured as a blend of workshops that will bring members together in one location and webinars for distance learning. Workshops will consist of general sessions for all members and breakout sessions focused on the specific pathway categories. Key faculty for the collaborative will include representatives from AMGA members that are well on their way in the journey of transforming to value as well as other experts in the field. An ACO Listserv will enable members to share strategies in real time, and white papers and compendiums will be prepared to provide future resources.

If you have questions and would like to share documents with your learning collaborative peers, please email Danielle Casanova at

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