Past Recipients and Honorees

The AMGA Acclaim Award rewards quality improvement efforts, led by physician-directed organizations that measurably improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients. All aspects of the award process are of a stature to bring national recognition to the recipients, to the quality of physician-directed care, and to the strides being made in health care quality improvement.

Past Recipients and Honorees Summaries


What Our Members Say

“We are thrilled and honored to receive the AMGA Acclaim Award.  Truly, we are humbled to be included with so many other outstanding institutions that we have long admired, learned from and modeled our practices after.  It is through the collaborative nature of events and services like those offered by AMGA that we are able to network and learn from our peers.  We congratulate all of our physicians, nurses, and administrative leaders who were willing to embrace new practices and work ‘differently’ to give our patients the best possible health care and healthcare experience in our endeavor to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”
– Scott Smith, M.D., Senior Vice President and Institute Chair of Primary Care, CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic, 2018 Acclaim Award Recipient


Acclaim Award