AMGA CMO Council: Clinical Staff with URI Symptoms but No Known Exposure

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Discussion Summary
March 18, 2020

This summary is based on a discussion via AMGA’s Chief Medical Officer listserv as of March 18, 2020. For more information about the CMO Council, please click here.

Question: How are you handling staff (doctors and clinical staff) with URI symptoms without known exposure? Are they out of work and if so, for how long?

Consensus Process

  • Masked and removed from work/sent home.
  • If they meet any COVID-19 criteria, tested and quarantined.
  • If COVID negative, return to work after 24-48 hours afebrile.
  • New York groups were given the following advice from the Directory of the Bureau of Healthcare Associated Infections for New York State: If COVID is in the differential, you should be following the same 7-day/72-hour rule. For healthcare workers, the threshold is lower for fever (T >100), OR cough, OR shortness of breath.
  • Turnaround time on this seems to be anywhere between two and five days, depending on your location and testing vendor.