AMGA CMO Council: APP Deployment for COVID-19

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Discussion Summary
March 22, 2020

This summary is based on a discussion via AMGA’s Chief Medical Officer/Medical Director listserv as of March 22, 2020. For more information about the CMO Council, please click here.

Question: Are you allowing physicians/advanced practice providers (APPs) over age 60 to redeploy/opt out/avoid contact with COVID-19 patients and/or ED/hospitalist shifts? Or those with comorbid conditions?

  • Do it for healthcare providers based on age (some disagreement between using 60 or 70 as cutoff point) and immunocompromising conditions/treatments. Those who redeploy are moving to virtual care settings.
  • Will assess on a case-by-case basis.
  • If they are considered high risk, they should work in your non-COVID clinics or do telehealth visits.
  • Initiate a 70-year cutoff and possibly extend to 60+ as more cases come into your market.
  • Initiate a 60+ and pregnancy and immune-compromised cutoff. All of those providers can staff your non-FURI (febrile URI) clinics or be assigned to telehealth visits.
  • Go case-by-case.