Meetings and Events

CPX isn’t a once every few months kind of collaborative. Our participants works tirelessly to advance their organizational goals through benchmarking and best practice sharing, and our team is consistently putting together tools, solutions, and content that supports them along their journey.

Vital to that support are the meetings and webinars throughout the year that are crafted to connect you with other organizations facing similar challenges.

CPX events are reserved for collaborative participants only. If you are interested in attending or learning more about the collaborative, please contact Dustin Gunderson at 703.838.0033, ext. 343 or

In-Person Meetings

February 3-5, 2020
CPX Winter Meeting
Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL
This meeting will focus on cancer screening best practices and uncovering meaningful insights through total cost of care analytics, with keynotes from the American Cancer Society, Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

March 27, 2020
AMGA Annual Conference
San Diego, CA
Cutting Cost of Care Within a Learning Collaborative: Identifying and Improving High-Cost Areas Within the Total Cost of Care
Managing the cost of care is becoming a priority for healthcare organizations as they progress on the path toward increased risk. This panel presentation will provide actionable insights about high-cost areas within the total cost of care, with a focus on “winners and losers” in the battle to optimize costs. Attendees will learn about analytics-informed best practices from healthcare organizations focusing on the cost of care domain of AMGA’s Collaborative for Performance Excellence.


Total Cost of Care Part 2: Unpacking the Benchmark Domain
January 21, 2020
2:00 p.m. ET