Getting Involved

CPXTM provides multiple points of engagement through a framework that has been tested, refined, and proven after two decades of AMGA-hosted learning collaboratives. The AMGA team and the CPXTM national advisors provide support for your initiatives, and participants continually learn from each other so that you do not have to “reinvent the wheel.” To get the most value out of your CPXTM participation, we recommend that you be involved with each of the following activities

  • Select a focused case project within one domain that is aligned with your organizational priorities and create an action plan to advance it
  • Participate in our in-person meetings (travel and accommodations are provided for two individuals per organization)
  • Attend our regularly scheduled webinars every two months on rotating educational topics related to each of the four domains
  • Connect with our national advisors and fellow participants in the CPXTM Community platform
  • Engage with CPXTM team members on regularly scheduled calls and site-visits