Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are one of the key efforts of the recent healthcare reform legislation that address the two greatest challenges facing US health care: unsustainable escalation of costs that threaten the affordability of care and care that is fragmented, poorly coordinated with little accountability for the outcomes of care. It is widely believed that the current volume-based payment system is part of the problem and needs to be restructured to support paying for value rather than paying for delivering services and procedures. The ACO concept couples payment and delivery systems reforms that may have the opportunity to bend the cost curve while improving access and quality.

AMGA's MSSP Boot Camp
MSSP Boot Camp was held on May 15-17th at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott, Philadelphia, PA.  The objective of this program was to provide groups with the opportunity to learn from the leaders of successful healthcare delivery systems who have hands-on experience with operational implementation of performance-based contracts.  Designed for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and key administrators of MSSP participants, the Boot Camp will be limited to 20 teams (4 members per team) for an interactive learning environment. Groups will leave the workshop with practical tools that enabled them to drive the required changes at their organization.

  • Implement key operational lessons learned from Pioneer and Physician Group Demonstration Project Participants

  • Create a tiered targeting strategy for care management interventions

  • Understand models for developing for cost-effective care management program

  • Understand key components of a care transitions program to provide continuum of care for high-risk patients

  • Enhance your current physician engagement strategy through measurement and reporting

  • Identify best practices for using CMS data to identify opportunities for cost savings and achieving quality targets in an ACO population

AMGA's ACO Collaborative Readiness Assessment Tool
The Readiness Assessment Tool will be a guide for a structured assessment regarding organizational capacity and readiness including:

  • Structure and governance components to support a culture of accountability

  • Alignment of incentives both internally and with payers

  • Clinical integration across providers and settings

  • Care coordination and population management

  • Technical support systems to account for cost and quality

Accountable Care Organization Collaboratives
In 2011, AMGA launched two collaboratives focused on practical steps toward creating high-performing organizations and systems of care termed Accountable Care Organizations: a Development Collaborative and an Implementation Collaborative. AMGA collaboratives offer access to content experts and provide a forum in which peer organizations can learn from one another as they begin to build and refine business and care processes to develop high-quality, efficient, and sustainable systems of care that provide high-value care to their patients and communities.

In 2012, AMGA launched the next phase of its Accountable Care Collaborative: Transforming to a Value-Based System of Care.  Phase II of the Collaborative will focused on the fundamental organizational, systems, and culture changes necessary for successful transformation to a value-based system of care, regardless of the path chosen-CMS's Shared Savings Program, the Pioneer ACO Program, commercial ACOs, or other models yet to emerge. Our goal is to create a rich collaborative experience providing participants with practical solutions and strategies specific to their situation.