Data Collection: 2023 Medical Group Recruitment and Retention Survey

Request for Data

As medical groups face critical shortages of providers and other essential workers, we encourage you to participate in this brief survey designed to capture market data on common metrics around recruitment and retention. The survey is easy to complete but will still provide the breadth of value-added data for understanding current trends. The survey includes questions on medical student teaching in support of a study on preceptoring for primary care, conducted in coordination with the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University. 

Benefits of Participation

All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the survey report PDF (a $1,000 value).

How to Participate

Completed questionnaires should be sent directly to

Data Collection*

The survey will explore the following areas:

  • Provider recruitment
    • Turnover, vacancy, and time to fill
    • Physicians and APPs
    • Recruitment incentives
    • Provider recruitment structure/resources, sourcing
  • Provider retention
    • Onboarding, wellness, retention incentives
  • Medical Group roll recruitment
    • Executives; RNs; MAs
    • Turnover, vacancy, and time to fill
    • Executive recruitment and retention incentives
    • Executive sourcing
  • Clinical Precepting Study

*AMGA Consulting will maintain a confidential file for each group’s response. No other organization will have access to your group’s individual data.


Please direct all questions to Elizabeth Siemsen
Thank you in advance for your participation!