ProSat Survey Content

To measure your providers' satisfaction with their work lives, the survey focuses on 12 key dimensions. The 60 core items of the survey that measure these 12 dimensions and other important topics ask your providers to rate their satisfaction on five-point Likert scales. The survey takes 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Providers are guaranteed confidentiality, thereby ensuring that they can freely express themselves.

In addition to the dimensions listed below, we’ve recently introduced seven questions on provider burnout, measuring exhaustion, disengagement, and professional fulfillment.

  • Leadership and Communications
  • Time Spent Working
  • Compensation
  • Quality of Care
  • Patient Interactions
  • Administration
  • Computers
  • Resources
  • Acceptance by Colleagues
  • Relationships with Staff
  • Paperwork
  • Pre-Authorization Hassles

Sample reports are available here.